Sneak Peak of Second Star to the Right Audiobook

As most of you don’t know, yet-

Second Star to the Right has a few chapters from Adriem’s perspective! Which I am really excited about!

With less than two days until SSTTR is officially published, I am thrilled to drop the first couple of pages here on our blog, in Audiobook form!

Which gives me the opportunity to introduce the voice of our Adriem for the Audiobook! Todd Creel will be voicing Adriem’s chapters in book two, and he has been doing an absolutely wonderful job.

Claire Glover, our original voice actress, will be voicing a majority of SSTTR, but there are a few full chapters where we just needed to hear it straight from Adriem’s mouth-so here you have it!

The first couple of pages of Second Star to the Right, just before the sequel is released!

Introducing Cyran

Make Me Exist-Chapter Three-Audio Book

Excited to introduce the voice of Cyran! Claire Glover is a voice actress from South Africa who has been reading and playing the many roles in ‘Make Me Exist.’

Here is an audio excerpt from Chapter Three. Introducing Cyran, our main protagonist; or Valerie-dependent on which life you know her from.