Make Me Exist Audio Book Excerpt

Claire Glover has been doing an absolutely wonderful job at voicing our main character Cyran for the Make Me Exist audio book!! The Audio book will be available in November of this year-the ebook & paperback are available on Amazon, as well as KindleUnlimited!

Book Two Update

Book Two Third Chapter Excerpt:

I didn’t know why I was so unreasonably mad at Adriem.  Adriem was only trying to help his son…or keep me from literally killing him…not interfere in our arguments or acting against me.  Still, the red hadn’t been diluted with any other colors, and I needed to be angry with someone.  Everything was violet and gold and silver and there was so much red.

With the release of book one in the Lost in Time series, & numerous emails and requests wondering how long we have to wait for book two–I thought I would write an update! I would like to start off by saying, it won’t be a long wait.

I had started book two immediately after finishing book one’s first draft, and have been working on the two side by side. The second novel is a little longer and in my opinion, so, so, so much better.

We have so many new characters, new settings, new developments and aspects to the second book that have been so much fun to work with.

I have yet to decide on a title name for book two, so stay tuned for that! But the cover is already being hand drawn, & I am so excited for that!

I am hoping for a release date of February, or first week of March at the latest. I will also be looking for Beta readers at the end of this year, so if that interests you–I will be choosing 10-15 beta readers pre-launch-feel free to contact me via email

In short, we have about three months—possibly four months, if there is a snag in the editing—before the polished second book is available on amazon!

Thank you so much for your support and absolute love of Cyran, and all of our Lost in Time characters.

Interview with Mike from ‘The Tellest’

So excited for the well thought out questions Mike asked during our interview for his blog with ‘The Tellest!’ We have lowered our Kindle pricing for the week in response to the Author Interview to $2.99, and of course, ‘Make Me Exist,’ is also available on KindleUnlimited.

Interview Snippets: Click the above link for the full interview!

T: What was your biggest challenge when it came to writing or publishing Make Me Exist?  Was it difficult shifting your thinking from poetry to prose?

BZ: Gosh the whole process has been challenging, right down to sitting down and writing an actual novel.  I think the best choice was choosing a subject so far away from poetry, like sci-fi/fantasy and finding a way to integrate poetry into descriptions, whether it be character or setting.  As a poet I did have the added advantage of being overly conscious of characters emotions, and that plays a huge role in the making of this series.  Every character has a distinctly different feel, and in turn, has opinions and a voice-it’s truly amazing.

T: When it came to Cyran, you mentioned that she created herself.  Those that read the book might wonder just how much that rings true.  Did you know she was going to have the dynamic she does, where she discovers more about herself that was hidden from her?

BZ: Cyran’s character is so strong and sassy.  She also has so many downsides to her, like getting extremely angry very quickly. Her bravery almost gets in the way at time, being so fearless and selfless gets her in some sticky spots.  She is also not a very curious character, she tends to ‘not want to know.’  For some reason as a reader I always thought an author would relate heavily with their main protagonist, especially when writing from their point of view-but I couldn’t find myself any more different from Cyran.  It’s quite interesting, to be writing her story and feel almost amazed in all that she does.

Introducing Cyran

Make Me Exist-Chapter Three-Audio Book

Excited to introduce the voice of Cyran! Claire Glover is a voice actress from South Africa who has been reading and playing the many roles in ‘Make Me Exist.’

Here is an audio excerpt from Chapter Three. Introducing Cyran, our main protagonist; or Valerie-dependent on which life you know her from.

Brittany Ziegler First Time Novelist

Aloha and welcome to my blog, initially started to update news and information on my first fiction piece, the ‘Lost in Time’ series.

If you’ve dropped by, I’m assuming you’ve already met Cyran, and if not…you might want to check out her adventure.

Make Me Exist, self published on amazon, is my first fiction novel and not to be my last. I’ve spent most of my life dabbling in photography, swimming with sharks and humpback whales, writing ballads and poetry, and being the best mama and wife I can be.

Tackling a fictional series has always been a dream of mine, but man did I not see Cyran, Rogue or Adriem coming.

I will be posting updates on my blog here. Insights of the characters from the first published books, news on releases (including the amazing audiobook for Make Me Exist to be released soon!), and excerpts from book two as it’s being worked on!

If you are looking for the most up-to-date info on the Lost in Time series and the amazing characters journey we are following, keep tabs on this blog.

Mahalo for joining me on this exciting adventure, I’m excited to show you where it goes!