Imagination needs a planted seed.

I love reading. I love shows. I love movies. I love complex storylines that make you think. I love fresh and original ideas that hit you out of nowhere.

That being said, I’m sure a heck of a lot of my readers have noticed a similarity or two with a show or book in popular culture.

My writing, as most authors, is heavily influenced by storylines and ideas of other authors, producers, actors/actresses; yet with my own twist.

I whole heartedly wanted to create a female heroine who wasn’t the ditzy ‘save me’ woman we are so used to seeing. Hell, I love me a masculine man that barges in as the hero. As our characters said, everyone wants to be saved from something. I wanted to create the young adult novel feel with a new adult twist. I wanted the reality of life intermixed with the fantastical elements of science-fiction and fantasy.

I don’t want to point them all out here because there are MANY little easter eggs I’ve implanted into all of my novels that point towards where my inspiration has come from.

First and foremost we gave the queen of fantasy and romance a massive nod, Diana Gabaldon- if you’re an obsessive Outlander fan like myself, I’m sure you’ve noticed the easter eggs already. We do have Adriem and Cyran reading through an Outlander novel, briefly described near the end of book one when they are in bed. We have also named their son James, a nod to the novel that sparked their closeness and applause for DG.

The Handmaids Tale has given me MASSIVE inspiration, and although their are a few Easter eggs hidden throughout my three novels- the biggest one I utilized was Charlotte. Would love to hear if you’ve spotted any of the other HMT references I’ve hidden throughout.

I am a manga fan, through and through. Originally when the story was planned and drafted, the characters couldn’t fly- although it’s come in handy and has been so fun to write about. I have pulled a ton of inspiration, oddly enough, from Dragon Ball series–and other than their flying and energy swords, I really hope a DBZ fan out there has spotted some other things I’ve thrown in there!

Of course there’s Twilight, I mean that’s an obvi. We were able to reinvent abilities and it was fun to make a play off vampires. I was never a fan of pale skin and beings that lived forever though. Make Me Exist presents a new breed of men to drool over. Well-defined muscles and tanned skin, yes please.

Those are the big ones, but there are lesser known novels and shows that I love to reference and find ways to slip in. Making the reader question whether they’ve caught on or not (you probably have! haha)

Anyway, happy reading!

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