Tackling a wide variety of societal issues

The Last Jatorrian has been coming along nicely and I’m stoked to say we already have some shorter rough drafts going for book three to ‘The Lost in Time’ series ((Don’t worry, we’ll be back with Cyran soon!))

For right now I am a whirlwind of emotions and crazy thought processes as I complete TLJ, the story of Lyriem.

I’ve taken a huge leap and decided to tackle a wide range of issues in a different light than how people are used to hearing about them or reading about them.

With TLJ we have transferred out focus from Western China on Earth and we spend a heck of a lot of time in space, on various planets and dealing with a variety of new races/cultures. Because we are steered away from Earth’s cultural issues we are able to present new circumstances on how people are perceived.

In TLJ we spend most of our time in an LGBTQ culture, which is completely normalized in our storyline. We tackle sexuality issues as well as transgender mentality.

Racial prejudices are a heavy influence for some of our characters and it’s a new side to the Jatorrian culture that has been interesting to create and write about.

As always we have our strong female leads taking control of what they can and feminizing their own destinies.

We touch on drug abuse and addiction and the lifelong affects addiction can have on a person.

Like most of our Lost in Time novels, we want to open a dialogue on coping with rape and mentally healing from trauma in our own ways.

All in all, The Last Jatorrian as told by Ly & Kain is an extensive sub-novel that covers such an array of issues and emotions; I’m so exhausted by the end of each day.

I do want to put out there that this book won’t be for everyone, even the readers that could get through Make Me Exist and Second Star to the Right. There are triggers and topics that some people won’t agree with (although I write about them to try and normalize the situations or the way we talk about them)

May 31st publication day is coming almost too quickly for me! But I’m on top of it and will try to posts some teasers soon!

If you are interested in the sub-novel TLJ, the kindle is already available for pre-sale on amazon. If you can get past the triggers, I highly recommend it as a read to fully comprehend the Jatorrian culture-where I have been able to discuss in detail so many things we just don’t have time for in the series. Our Lilah is also in the spotlight, and if you don’t mind a spoiler, we’ll be seeing Kain of Earth in book three :p

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