Taking a Month off Writing didn’t go as planned…

I had decided that after ‘Second Star to the Right’ was published I would take solid step back-for at least a month-before continuing on with this series.

No go.

There is currently a spin-off novel in the works, that will be released before book three! Book Three (title still not decided!) will be released in late fall of 2021 (this year guys! It’s coming!), BUT! We all need a good side story set in space, with fresh perspective, and a bit more depth on the Jatorrian culture.

‘The Last Jatorrian’ will be a short novel that doesn’t have to be read with the Lost in Time series, and is set to be released this summer.

We will follow Lilah, Adriem & Cyran’s daughter, into a future our characters won’t get to see.

What would have happened if Mayko hadn’t shown up? If Cyran and Adriem had never made it to Neverland?

Well, a whole load of crap. & an insanely badass Lilah gets to show her true colors—

So excited to be delving further into her character, and expand our universe a bit further!

Thank you SO MUCH! for all of the support, love, comments, reviews, criticism, and I am absolutely honored that you have chosen to read something that I took the time to write! I could never express to my readers how much that truly means to me!

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